Equirectangular Panoramas

Equirectangular panoramas are also called spherical panoramas. They are full 360 x 180° photographs. It's a sphere unwrapped into a rectangle, and everything you could see from one point in space.

As-is they can be interesting photographs, but the real fun is when they are viewed interactively.

It takes 8 photos with my fisheye lens to create each panorama. I use special software to stitch them together into one of these pictures.

Clicking on a picture will load the panorama in an interactive viewer. You need a web browser that supports WebGL and HTML5. Most modern browsers do. If you have any trouble, try using Google Chrome, or even your Android phone or iPhone.


Moonlight Creamery

The inside of the Moonlight Creamery ice cream shop in Fairport, NY. This place serves wonderful ice cream and has a beautiful interior.


Lamberton Conservatory at Night

The Lamberton Conservatory is inside of Highland Park. This is the largest room, photographed at night during the holiday light show.


Colonial Belle

This is the Colonial Belle ship in Fairport, NY as it goes under the Main St lift bridge.


Kennelley Park

The gazebo in Kennelley Park in Fairport, NY. You can also see the lift bridge and Fairport Public Library.